DIY: Yarn Covered Chargers

Did you see the two featured tablescapes on Snippet and Ink last week? We’re so excited to finally share all the fun that went into creating the two different looks! What a better way to dress up your table than with cozy yarn covered chargers?! I certainly think it is THE perfect touch to any fall or winter tablescape…wedding, dinner party or brunch!

As you saw in the tablescape design, shot by Jill Thomas, these chargers were all the hit!

Yarn Charger Materials:

  • Large plastic charger (Or inexpensive plastic plates)
  • Yarn of your choice! (The thicker the less time it takes..hint, hint)
  • Tape + Scissors.

Step 1: Start by securing one end of the spool of thread with scotch tape on one side of the plate. You  may need another piece of two just to get you started.

Step 2: Begin spinning the yarn around the charger from top to bottom. The key here is to pull it tight. The wider you get, the more likely you’re winding of thread will begin to slip. Once you reach that point, stop and cut the yarn and secure with a piece of tape.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 but at another starting point on the plate.

Step 4: Continue to repeat until you’ve covered the entire plate and tie off the yarn in the back. Please note you will use a lot of yarn, and this isn’t a quick and easy task! It took be almost two spools of yarn and an hour to do 4! That’s why I mentioned the thicker the yarn the better! Mine was fairly thin so that’s why it took the time it did.

Enjoy your yarn chargers….and please share with us the end result if you give this DIY project a ‘spin’!


  1. Laura said:

    So stylish!!! I guess I’m gonna try to do it…. I’ll let you know…hope well!

  2. postcards and pretties said:

    that is such a cool idea!

  3. Mai said:

    love this!!

  4. shewanders said:

    perfection!! i’m adding these to my holiday table =) thanks

  5. Lauren Bullock said:

    What a fabulous idea! I love the finished product. I’m definitely going to use this for some dinner party!

  6. {TGIF} Thank Goodness It’s…Follicle « Niche White Bridal Loft said:

    [...] {See full tutorial from Carter and Cook Event Company HERE} [...]

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